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How Do I Remove Skin Tags?  


Though skin tags are generally harmless, people who have them have the of unsightly skin tags removed for cosmetic reasons. All things considered, it is fairly easy to have skin tags removed. There are a number of very simple methods of removing them, from herbal extracts to home remedy mixtures, to physically removing them using common household items. Many of these are at your disposal and have proven to be most successful in removing skin tags. Let’s take a look at some of the most common and effective ways of achieving this.

Tea tree oil

This is an essential oil extract from the Australian plant Melaleuca Alternifolia, it has proven its worth in treating skin diseases,as well as removing skin tags. Applying this directly to the skin tags thrice a day for a week or so will result in its swift removal.

Castor Oil and Baking Soda

Mixing these two common household items into a paste is a very effective skin tag remover.Similar applications as with tea tree oil will work best.


Dermisil is a herbal extract concocted from the same abovementioned plant (Melaleuca Alternafolia) plus the Ricinus communis and Thuja occidentalis plants, this natural medication is also an excellent skin tag removal alternative.

Clear nail polish

 By ‘painting’ the skin tag with this thrice a day for a week or so, the skin tag will eventually fall off on its own.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E A capsule of this over-the-counter vitamin is also effective. Simply open the capsule and apply the contents to the skin tag and cover with a Band-aid or bandage. A few applications will usually do the trick.Duct Tape Cutting a piece of ordinary silver duct tape sufficiently sized to cover the skin tag will ‘suffocate’ it.

Change the duct tape when the adhesive wears off, also checking if the skin tag is ready to fall off.

Repeat the process until it does so.

Dental Floss

Tying the skin tag with dental floss at its very base where it meets the skin is a good way of removing it.

If it is tied securely enough, this will cut oxygen and blood from the skin tag thus killing it. Other materials such as nylon string or fishing line are reasonable alternatives.

how do i remove skin tags

These methods need a bit of patience, as it will take some time before the skin tag eventually falls off on its own. But, for those who do not have the luxury of waiting, or are just plain impatient, using a pair of disinfected scissors can help speed up the process. Make sure to disinfect the skin tag area with rubbing alcohol,

then snip the skin tag off from its base. Apply hydrogen peroxide with cotton to stop the bleeding, then dress with a band-aid. These are how you can easily remove skin tags at home. If you are looking for safer, but still natural skin tag removal method then click!